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Basics Course

Just as in the Basics Course, we cover the basic techniques of painting with oils, but in this extended course you also learn how to paint abstractly and are encouraged to “color outside the lines.”

Techniques such as painting wet-on-wet are addressed, and you do an exercise in which rather than using the right hemisphere of the brain, which is more active during painting, you activate the left hemisphere.

You will follow the assignments via worksheets in our studio. The instructors will also provide explanations, which are also available as videos. The Extended Basics Course covers the following topics:

Drawing: sketching with charcoal
Color theory: mixing colors and creating contrasts
Tonal transitions: Blending colors into each other gradually
Portrait: Building up a painting in layers
Composition: Determining how to divide up the picture plane
Perspective: Working from a specific point of view
Extra painting technique: Painting wet-on-wet
Abstract painting

Experience in painting or previous study are not necessary because our courses are accessible for everyone. We have developed assignments for beginners as well as advanced students. Because we guide our students individually, you don’t have to wait for a particular start date and can begin whenever suits you.

  • 20 lessons, 2.5 hours each, at our studio
  • Valid for 8 months from date of purchase
  • Flexible planning via our online schedule
  • Oil paint, brushes, and solvent included
  • With extra online instructional videos (via Vimeo)
  • 639 (incl. VAT)

How does
it work?

Book the course by clicking on the button below. You can then make an account in our reservation system Punchpass to pay for the course. You can immediately schedule your lessons in the available time slots on our roster. The period of validity begins at the moment of purchase.

We hope to welcome you to our studio soon!