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At-home Landscape Painting Course

In this at-home painting course, you learn to paint different landscapes step by step. We begin with the sky, because that is something all landscapes have in common. 
You then work on several techniques and styles. What is atmospheric perspective? How do you make use of complementary color contrasts like Vincent van Gogh? Based on practical assignments, you paint a beach, a snowy landscape, and much more. Finally, you’ll paint a dream landscape, inspired by your own creativity. 

The At-home Landscape Painting Course is intended for beginners and advanced students and is delivered to your doorstep free of charge.
  • Acrylic paint in four basic colors – from Talens (Art Creation) among others, 200ml per tube
  • Ten painting lessons, explained in ten instructional videos
  • A guide with example photos and example works
  • Three brushes and a palette for mixing
  • A 24x30cm canvas and ten sheets of acrylic paper
  • A kneaded eraser, pencil, and charcoal
  • A gift card worth €30 (valid for 2 years) to apply towards any of our courses or workshops

How does
it work?

Order the At-home Painting Course by clicking the button below. This will take you to reservation system Punchpass where you can pay for the course. After completing the order, you will receive a personal email from us where you can let us know where to send the course. Have fun painting!