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Gift Card

The ideal gift for a creative friend, your friendly neighbor, or that one colleague who could use some inspiration. 

This gift card is worth €49 and can be applied towards any of our courses. 
For example, you can join a workshop or get a discount on a complete course of your choice. In short: an inspiring gift that you can shape any way you want. 


  • an inspiring gift
  • can be applied towards any of our course
  • from Workshop tot (At-home) Painting Course
  • valid for two years
  • € 49 (incl. VAT)

How does
it work?

Order the gift card by clicking the button below. This will take you to reservation system Punchpass. Fill in your details and pay. You will receive a personal email from us in which you can let us know if you want to personalize the gift card. You will receive the gift card via email. The receiver can redeem the gift card using the unique code.