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Picasso’s blue period

Picasso painted in many different styles.
We often associate him with his paintings in which he distorted reality and worked with bright colors. But at the beginning of his career, he made several paintings we now know as his Blue Period. 
Picasso's blue period
Pablo Picasso, The Blind Man’s Meal, oil on canvas, 1903
One painting from this period is The Blind Man’s Meal. It was painted in the autumn of 1903 using subdued colors. The painting has a mysterious atmosphere. In addition, the first signs of Cubism, the style which Picasso would go on to develop, are already discernable. The figure is constructed out of sharp, angular lines and the high contrasts bring the forms forward.

In this workshop, you will paint your own version of The Blind Man’s Meal. You’ll use the same approach as Picasso: the same color palette to create the mysterious, dream-like atmosphere and the unusual pose of the figure that foreshadows Cubism. 
Step by step, the instructor will guide you through the construction of your painting, from the sketch to the final product. In this way, you’ll paint your own, contemporary version of this remarkable masterpiece. 

About the instructor
Martijn first became familiar with Picasso’s Blue Period during his time at the art academy. This style made an enormous impression on him at the time. Ever since, he has been creating the same atmosphere in his own paintings. A painting like that exudes a remarkable power. In this workshop, he’ll take you along in his search for this power.

Experience with painting or previous study are not necessary, as our workshops are accessible for everyone. 

  • An oil painting workshop
  • With Martijn den Ouden
  • on zondag 30 oktober 2022
  • From 14:00 to 16:30
  • Oil paint, canvas, and use of brushes included
  • With coffee/tea and a snack
  • 49 (incl. VAT)

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